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Smothered Cabbage and Rice Soup

Smothered Cabbage and Rice Soup

I know what some of you are saying. “Two soups in a row?  What is this?!”

Friends, I will tell you what this is.  This is called February in the Arctic Chicago.  It’s really cold.  All the time.  Not the kind of duh-it’s-winter cold, but the kind of cold that precludes you from leaving the house some days and makes you want to hibernate on your couch until March.  Or April, more likely.  It’s weather that calls for a lot of soup. Continue reading


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Blue Cheese Coleslaw

Does this ever happen to you?  A friend asks you for a recommendation of something to make for a family gathering, party, etc. You think about it for a second, and say, YES, I know exactly what you should make.  You then go into details about how easy, delicious, addictive, whatever it is, and by the time you are done you know that you are going to have to make it now, too.  Sometimes, talking someone else into making something is the quickest way to talk yourself into it.  Continue reading

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