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Brie, Bacon, and Red Onion Burgers

DSC_0265It’s been a particularly frigid winter in the Chicago area, with lots of days spent inside drinking tea and dreaming of summer.  A frequently recurring daydream around here involves the smell of burgers on the grill with a cold beer in hand, lounging around in the backyard. Unfortunately, burgers on the grill are just not going to happen anytime soon.  When we start getting a little forlorn at this prospect, these burgers come to the rescue.  They’re easy to put together without the help of a charcoal grill, and are so flippin’ delicious that it blows memories of Labor Day barbecues away. Continue reading


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Avocado and Goat Cheese Open-Face Sandwiches

I love days like today.  Days when my little guy sleeps past 6:30 (ok, barely, but every minute counts). Days when I had the foresight to do the dinner dishes last night, and wake up to clean reasonably tidy kitchen. Days when I can spend the morning strolling around the farmers market while the baby stares bright-eyed at all the colorful produce and “big” kids running around, nary a peep coming from those slobbery little lips of his.  Days when the afternoon is full of possibilities, none of which involve laundry (or maybe only a little laundry).

Today is one of those end of summer days that make me regret all the nasty things I said about this summer being too hot and dry and not conducive to growing a vegetable garden.  Finding this big ‘ole bushel of tomatoes at the farmers’ market takes some of the sting out of the fact that my garden has yielded exactly ZERO tomatoes thus far. Continue reading


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