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Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Brown Butter and Pecans

Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Brown Butter and Pecans

This isn’t just a chocolate chip cookie.

Let me rephrase that.  Saying just a chocolate chip cookie is somewhat disparaging to chocolate chip cookies.  A chocolate chip cookie can be the epitome of what a cookie should be.  So I’ll say it this way: This isn’t your typical chocolate chip cookie.  This cookie is so chock full of chocolate, pecans, and flecks of browned butter that it was all I could do to stop myself from shoving teaspoonfuls of the batter into my already chocolate-stained mouth.  (Ok, I didn’t stop myself. Lots of dough was harmed in the making of these cookies.) Continue reading


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Cherry Almond Breakfast Cookies


Happy New Year!  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not into resolutions.  But I do love the feeling of a fresh year laid out ahead of me.  So many possibilities!  So many things I’d like to do this year! But before I get started with all that I’ll need a good breakfast.


And that’s usually where it breaks bad for me.  I’m not much of a breakfast person.  Like, at all.  What?  You’re saying, “Um, duh, because you have yet to post a single breakfast recipe, Christina!”?  Well you’re right.  I don’t dislike breakfast foods per say, they are just not so much my thing.  Also, when you have a perfectly delightful, adorable, sweeter-than-peaches 10 month old WHO IS STARTING TO WALK/RUN AWAY FROM YOU, you really don’t have much time to sit down to a decent breakfast anyway.  Enter these breakfast cookies. Continue reading

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Triple Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

So we’re finally in the week before Christmas, a.k.a. prime cookie-baking time.  I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the amount of sweets-making and cookie-baking that has been taking place up until now in my house.  Also, I think anyone would be impressed with the amount of sweets- and cookie- eating that has been taking place in my house.  It’s really off the charts.  (Being pregnant during the holidays definitely has its perks, people.)  Which is precisely why I find myself in the position of needing to make even more cookies, mere days before Christmas.  Continue reading


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World Peace Cookies

Hey, you there.  You like cookies?  You like chocolate?  Of course you do.  Who doesn’t? Well, ok, some people don’t. But even people who aren’t big “chocolate people” (ahem, me) or “cookie people” (me again) will be fairly smitten by this cookie.  Let me just start off my saying that these cookies were not exactly what I expected.  I was thinking chewy, fudgy, and they came out more like a sandy shortbread.  But in a good way.  I managed to end up liking them even though they weren’t what I was craving.  And even though I’m not big into cookies. And I’m not a chocolate-lover.  So, right there are three criteria that make this recipe worthy of sharing with you all.
Oh, and how could I forget?!  These are icebox cookies.  You know, like you make up a batch of dough, wrap a roll in plastic wrap, and then throw them in the fridge until you need them.  For some reason, this always appeals to me, even though the cookie dough never lasts in my fridge or freezer for long.  It makes me feel put together, like the type of person who says, “Oh, I always keep a roll of cookie dough in the fridge to bake off real quick, in case an unexpected guest stops by.” And then, when nobody stops by (duh), I get to eat a dozen rich, intensely chocolately cookies all by myself.  Win-win. Continue reading

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Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies


It’s a rainy Sunday, and I planned on spending the day cleaning the house, doing laundry, and doing a little baking.  To me, there is nothing better than a whole day with nothing to do except look through your cookbooks and then bake a few things before starting on one of those dinner favorites that you don’t usually have time for.

Of course, it complicates matters when the cold and rain conspire to keep you inside.  It makes for good baking weather, but not such great grocery shopping weather.  The idea of bundling up, pulling out an umbrella and then standing all damp and cranky in a check-out line with a bunch of other damp and cranky people is completely unattractive to me.  So I began rummaging through my pantry and fridge, trying to find inspiration for my baking project for the afternoon.  Wow, pretty well stocked.  I was just starting to get impressed with myself for having such a wide range of ingredients when I got this niggling little feeling about my eggs.  I made eggs for breakfast yesterday… how many had I used? Uh oh.  I wouldn’t have left one egg in the carton, would I?  Oh, but I did.  I saw my dreams of baking all afternoon dashed.  Continue reading


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