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Earl Grey Truffles

Earl Grey TrufflesMmm… is there anything better than a hot cup of earl grey tea on a cold day?  Oh wait… there is… and it’s that cup of tea, plus chocolate and cream and cocoa.  I’m not even a chocolate person (I know, the horror!) and I seriously love these.  They are rich and decadent, but also subtle and perfectly balanced.  In a season when I tend to go overboard and binge on other sweets, I find myself completely satisfied savoring just one of these.  Ok, maybe two.  Which is good, because my whole point in making these was to make some tasty homemade gifts for people.  But who could blame me for sneaking just a few?

Earl Grey Truffles

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Triple Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

So we’re finally in the week before Christmas, a.k.a. prime cookie-baking time.  I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the amount of sweets-making and cookie-baking that has been taking place up until now in my house.  Also, I think anyone would be impressed with the amount of sweets- and cookie- eating that has been taking place in my house.  It’s really off the charts.  (Being pregnant during the holidays definitely has its perks, people.)  Which is precisely why I find myself in the position of needing to make even more cookies, mere days before Christmas.  Continue reading


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Cocoa Brownies with Browned Butter and Walnuts

Do you ever just NEED to have a tray of brownies?  Don’t deny it… you’ve felt this way.  Sometimes, only a fudgy, chocolatey treat will silence the craving.  And there’s nothing like homemade.  But here’s the rub: I cannot buy bars of chocolate, bring them into my house, and expect them to wait around in the pantry until I get a craving for brownies.  They’ve usually “disappeared” after only a few days.  So something that could, in fact, be a pantry staple, rarely is.  This is where a good recipe for cocoa brownies comes in handy.  Because cocoa, while delicious and chocolatey, is never really in danger of being snatched up from its hiding place in the pantry and eaten on its own. Continue reading


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Chocolate Zucchini Bread

So, I promised you a few days ago that I’d share the recipe that keeps me from getting sick of zucchini at times when my garden seems to be spitting it out faster than I can handle. Without further ado, here it is… Chocolate Zucchini Bread.

I got this recipe last year from my mother-in-law, after I subjected her to my complaints about the abundance of zucchini coming from my garden. When she first told me she had this recipe, she said something to the effect of, “I used to make this for the kids all the time, because it got them to eat zucchini and it just tastes like chocolate cake.” I was skeptical that anyone could pass off zucchini bread as chocolate cake, but figured even getting close would be worth giving it a try. Continue reading

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Simple Chocolate Mousse

My birthday is coming up. So I’ve been thinking about something. I never get a birthday cake. (Ok, this is an exaggeration. I got a beautiful birthday cake that I still have dreams about sometimes from a wonderful friend last year. Hmmm… recipe to follow.) But before that, I hadn’t had an actual birthday cake in years. There was one sad incident when I made my own birthday cake. We won’t talk about that.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I really don’t want a birthday cake. I’m just not much of a birthday cake person. There are a lot of other things that I’d rather have. Which brings me to a story. A baby-Christina story. Continue reading

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