Simmered Brussels Sprouts… don’t stop reading!

I’m pretty sure I’ve probably already lost half of you somewhere between Brussels and sprouts.  But for those of you that have gotten this far, hang in there with me!  I know that Brussels sprouts aren’t exactly the prom queen of the vegetable world, and that there are a lot of people out there who would rather eat nothing than eat a Brussels sprout.

But let me just throw something out there… these little guys can be delicious.  And not even in the sense of “anything you fry up with onions and bacon will be delicious”.  There is another way to deal with these buggers.

I, for one, don’t have this crazy aversion to sprouts that other people have.  I was never forced to eat them growing up, I’ve never had them from a can, and I’ve never been under duress while eating one.  I have no reason to hate them.  To tell you the truth, I don’t think I had actually ever had them until maybe a few years ago.  So many I can appreciate them more, because they aren’t laced with threats of withheld dessert and regret, as they are for some people. 

So this is a challenge to all you Brussels sprout haters out there: Give them one more try.  If you take prepare them the right way, they are so different than every other way you’ve had them.  There is so much to like about them if you give them a shot.  For one, they are healthy.  I know that doesn’t always carry a lot of weight around here, but it may be helpful in your household.  Also they look like baby cabbages.  And we all know that things that look like miniature versions of something else are delightful.  And, all joking, aside, they can taste really, really good.  They have a beautiful nutty-bitter thing going on, and when it’s balanced with something bright and acidic (like lemon juice), their flavor becomes very pronounced and you can appreciate it for all its Brussels sproutiness.

I owe all of my excitement about Brussels sprouts to Mark Bittman, because it was in his cookbook that I found this way of preparing them.  To be honest, I have no idea why I made them this way the first time… it doesn’t sound all that exciting.  But I’m so glad I did.  Only someone as genius as him would have come up with something so simple, yet so perfect.  So yes, you can direct your complaints about my sprout ramblings to him.    

Simmered Brussels Sprouts

adapted from Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything
1 to 1/2 lbs. brussels sprouts, trimmed
2 T butter
1 clove garlic, smashed
1 T plain bread crumbs
1 T freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 T minced fresh parsley (if you have it, it would be nice, but it’s not necessary)
Bring large pot of salty water to a boil.  Add sprouts and boil on high heat until tender, about 10 minutes. Do not overcook; drain and refresh in cold water.  While you are draining the sprouts melt the butter in the same pot you just used to cook the sproats, and heat until foamy.   Add the garlic. When the butter foam subsides, add sprouts and bread crumbs. Stir until hot, about 3 minutes. Remove the garlic, toss the sprouts with lemon and parsley, and serve.


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7 responses to “Simmered Brussels Sprouts… don’t stop reading!

  1. Tanti

    Only because it’s you Christina…. will I give these buggers one more chance. I was one of those poor souls forced to eat them and under duress 😉

  2. YUM!!!! I’m totally going to make these next week!

  3. these look delish. i don’t have an aversion to brussel sprouts either. interesting twist to add breadcrumbs to the recipe. will try this next time around.

    • Yeah, the breadcrumbs kind of threw me for a loop the first time, but they work so well! I think the give the butter and lemon something to stick to and make the whole dish taste a little richer. Definitely worth adding them!

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